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Please read these important reminders before filling out this form.

  1. Dearborn Motors Co. Inc. has engaged the payment gateway services of Paynamics Technologies Inc. 
  2. You can pay your accounts with Dearborn Motors Co. Inc. under the following transactions: Reservation for new vehicle sales, over the counter (OTC) transactions for parts and accessories, and service sales. Full payment or down payment for new unit should not be made through Paynamics, instead through online fund transfer, OTC bank deposit (cash or check), or directly to our Dealerships. 
  3. Upon proceeding to PAYMENT, you will be redirected to Paynamics' secure payment page where you can select your preferred payment option. 
  4. By placing a payment order: (a) You warrant that all data provided is accurate. The company will not be liable for incorrect details you entered on the online payment system. (b)  You are consenting to the company and to the payment channel to use your personal information to process the selected transaction     
  5. In the event that your payment is successful, the said payment will be confirmed by email. The email will include details of your payment and transaction ID. The email is sent by Paynamics to the email address you provided. Thus, make sure to indicate a valid and active e-mail address.    
  6. If successful, please claim your system-generated receipt from any of Dearborn Motors Co. Inc. branches (Treasury personnel / Cashier). Kindly present the email notification you received for verification purposes. If unsuccessful, kindly contact your Card Issuer on the unsuccessful payment attempt(s) should the problem persist. We shall not be liable for any unsuccessful payment attempt(s) with your Card Issuer.  
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